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14th-Sep-2008 02:55 pm - Meh
There's a cricket in my room. I believe I shall call him Sal. I can't find him but I can hear him. I think he's probably hiding under my bed somewhere. I don't know what he's eating but he's chirping pretty regularly.

Also Death Note is my new favorite thing ever. Or one of them. I haven't seen the anime (I've seen maybe 2 episodes) but I'm digging the manga. I'm also rediscovering why I loved Trinity Blood and Cowboy Bebop so much.

Anyway I have to do communications HW. It's basically like, this is an e-mail, people use them to communicate. And the teacher over annunciates EVERYTHING. This might come back to bite me if she finds this somehow. OH WELL!

So, other Hannah, are you in college now?

I think I need a nap,
The Evil Duck

PS: The Graveyard Book comes out soon!!!!! :D
9th-Sep-2008 09:52 am - Quickly to the duck mobile!
Write me

Really quickly before I go to meet with my math teacher. After a long haitus I have decided to finish my epic fic. THE PLOT BUNNY INVADED MY DREAMS!!! I couldn't deal with it!! AHHH!! D: I need a beta, though. Volunteers?

It's harder to escape Harry Potter than I once thought >.> WELCOME ME BACK BITCHES!!! I'm looking at you Gwendelin (can't spell. So feel free to misspell me name :D)

This year I live in a Bridge, which is basically a nice little apartment complete with kitchen, private bathroom (oh the luxary) and no roommate HALLELUGHA!<-- that's spelled so wrong not even the word processor can fix it! LOL After last year I never want to have another roommate again. Also I just watched Cowboy Bebop through again, OH MY FUCKING GOD D: THE END IS SO SOOOO SAD!!!! Still one of the greatest shows of all time however. Ed and Spike are tied for my favorite character. Speaking of characters (randomly) I found this neat little questionare to run your characters through. If anyone's interested I'll put it up.

Your favorite nasty water foul, The Evil Duck

PS: I'm writing a story that involves a world where mythology is real, any and every mythology share with me some of your favorite myths so that I may use them in this quest. I've already got:

-Agui, god of the oceans and water, Voodoo
-Papa Guia, god of Death, Voodoo
-Loki, trickster, Norse
-the Sampo, mythical artifact, Finnish
-ghost ships, ghosts, American
-Sedna, goddess of the underworld and sea life, Inuit
-Persephone, goddess of the underworld, Greek
-Istar, goddess of love, Sumarian (she rocks)
-Horus, sky god, Egyptian

But yeah, I NEED MOOOORE!!!

Also Steam Punk is my new favorite genre. And I am currently stuck in the 1890's after reading Picture of Dorian Grey, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and currently Strange and Norrell

Also, Hurricane me is/was a pain in the ass. Did you know in my dad's lifetime there have been THREE hurricane Hannah's? You'd think they'd come up with other "H" names, like Hepzibah or Helga or Hermione or Hallie or Harper or Helen or Helena or Henrietta or Hestia or Hetty or Hester or Hilary (this year it totally should have been Hillary) or Hope (which would be hilarious)
8th-Sep-2008 08:18 am - Update? NO WAYS
Captain Calico Jack
Howdy party people. Democratic party that is!!

Long time no entry. Well, I had a VERY busy summer on the trail. I was working for the DNC (Democratic National Comitee) all summer. That was quite possibly the best experience ever!! Okay it was really REALLY hard work and my feet may never be the same again but 1) I made good money 2) I helped the campagin! WE HAVE TO WIN! 3) I met some of the fucking weirdest, coolest, and meanest people in the world.

So I was a canvasser, meaning I went door to door begging people for money to help Barak and Democrats across the country. People are fucking crazy. I became that chick with a clipboard. That's what I kept thinking of myself as. I loved it. I met tons of people who belonged in books or on TV. I will tell about it later. Must do HW. DAMN BEING BACK IN SCHOOL!
12th-May-2008 01:44 pm - We now have....
a site. http://yarrrr.bigforumpro.com/index.htm

For the RPG.
6th-May-2008 07:14 pm - The End
The end of my first year of college is swiftly coming to a close. Two days and I go home. I'm excited, I mean I haven't been home in way to long and miss my cats, dogs, boyfriend, parents and brother, but I'm going to miss everyone here. The problem is that a lot of my new found extremely wonderful friends aren't coming back. And while I can easily visit (well almost easily visit) Katie and James, Will is going to be all the way in California. I feel like I've just made some amazing friends and I'm losing them. All I got was two semesters. I've already promised myself we'll keep in touch. But I'm still anxious, you know. Yesterday I was all about going home! I was totally pysked and now I wish I had more time. I don't want to go! I was standing ontop of the hill when I realized how bummed I was about the year ending. I've learned so much here, I've done so much! My life has changed in oh-so-many-ways. *stops channeling the Beatles* I know I'll be back next year but it's different. :(

Also part of it is that I'm now a sophmore in college. I'm an adult and that scares me a little. I'm mature enough, I think I proved that this year. I took life into my own hands, I made things happen. I'm so proud of myself. I mean, people without LDs don't realize how much simply getting an assignment done on time means to me. A teacher here changed my life entirely, at least academically. And I feel like going home I'm going to miss it all, like it's going to go away or something. I feel almost like when September comes I'll be totally excited to return.

That said I am also incredibly home sick. Like physically as well as mentally. So I want to go home too. If I could be in two places at once, that would make life REALLY REALLY easy. Whatever I'm totally discombobulated. :P

-The Evil Duck
4th-May-2008 07:23 pm - RPG
YAAAAAAR!!! Here be the particulars if you want in Har-har-har!

Anyway, you get to choose between being a pirate, a privateer, or a member of the navy.

Part I:
The year is c. 1700, the dawn of a new century and the tail end of the Golden Age of Piracy. This is a world where those brave, adventurous, hopeless, and/or greedy enough take to the high seas in search of their hearts' desires. The sea is a vast and unforgiving place. Maps and charts of the time are useless and frequently inaccurate. These ships sail into the final frontier, with little chance of seeing home again. But sailors disagree, they are home on the ocean. There is saltwater in their blood. These men know that on the ocean they will not find a mother or a lover or even a friend, they will be faced with nothing but hardship. And they will be free. That's the choice to make.

It's not only the aloofness of la mar that makes the sailors' lives difficult and frequently cuts them short. There are men on the ocean that any right minded sailor lives in constant fear of. They dare not speak of them on open water, it's more dangerous than whispering the devil's name into a storm. These men are cloaked by rumor and intrigue. These men are sinners, runaways, deserters, murderers, thieves and other such foul folk who sought refuge in the unforgiving bosom of the sea. These are not men, not if the rumors are true, but the devil's own, they are cut throats, they scavengers, knaves, hunters, monsters, cold-hearted killers, even cannibals.

These men are pirates.

And the most talked about, the most loved, the most hated, the most infamous is Felix West, captain of the Albatross. But he is called so many other things: the black devil, the albatross, the lucky bastard, the negro gentlemen. He is a lover of wine, women, and song, a hedonistic savage, if the legends hold true. For a long time, nearly ten years now, Felix West has sailed the seas under his black flag marked with a bird's skull and crossed wing bones. He greets the ships he attacks with a shining smile and clears them out completely. He has never been caught. Not even after trading British navy secrets and robbing countless British merchants blind. He exits with a bow and sometimes a blown kiss. The British government has had enough of this outrage. Although for years bounty hunters have tried and failed to bring Felix and the Albatross to justice they have a new tactic: Benjamin McGregor, feared, wild, and dangerous until his capture one year ago. Now to escape the gallows the privateer will bring Felix West to justice.

Part II:
The Ships

As a pirate you would be serving under Felix West, a freed Caribbean slave and on of the most infamous pirates on the high seas. He is a born sailor, lucky, charming, and has a flair for the dramatic. He captains the Albatross, as previously stated, which is currently moored off the coast of Jamaica in Port Royale.

As a privateer your captain is Benjamin McGregor, at roughly age 60 he's taking to the seas again after being caught by the British royal government. His reign of terror, which was one of the longest in recent history, finally was brought to a fierce close. In exchange for his life Ben offers to work for the king. After he knows more about Felix West than anyone else. Benjamin was his mentor. So the deal was made.

But it seems that his years at sea have addled him, slightly. Or more than slightly. Although a fully capable seaman his belief in strange superstitions and constant jabbering confuse his men who were taught that McGregor was more than a force to be reckoned with. Benjamin's ship, rather the navy ship he has been given, is called His Love, named such as it is one of the fastest and strongest ships in His Majesty's navy. But Benjamen desperately wants to change it.

Finally the navy, the ship we are concerned with is captained by up-and-coming navy star Norman Smith. Unlike most of his contemporaries Smith grew up lower class in London and was press-ganged at a young age. But Smith fell in love with his job and the sea and rose swiftly through the ranks. Now he is the captain of his own ship, The Watchman.

Although the sailors of the navy are taught quite quickly to fear and serve their captains without question it is not Smith who makes his crew quake with fear, it's his first mate who they are afraid of. It's clear to everyone but Smith himself that Diogo Souza has an ulterior motive. Souza is uncontrollable, selfish, ruthless, and cruel.

Diogo is not well liked by the crew, he is a foreigner, the bastard son of a Portuguese lady and her cook. He grew up in the shadows, loathed by his step-father and half-brother. After their parents' death, his brother saw that Diogo was exiled and placed in the British navy. He was told to seek his fortune. And that is exactly what Souza plans to do.

Part III:
(Look up each thing and see what you really want to do)

Captain Felix West (Admins)
Cabin Boy/powder monkey Lester Flint
Quarter Master Derek Grayson

Still needed:
Sailing Master (Navigator)
First Mate

His Love:
Captain Benjamin McGregor (Admins)

Still needed:
First Mate
Sailing Master (Navigator)
Cabin Boy
Quarter Master

Captain Norman Smith (admins)
First Mate Diogo Souza

Part IV:

Keep everything time period friendly. No Mary Sues although if you have something Sue-ish run it by the Admins.

Occupation (on ship):
Country of Origin:
Physical Appearance (eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, etc.):
Belongings (weapons, clothes, jewelery, notebook, etc.):
Brief history of the character:

Leave the app in the comments. :3

-The Evil Duck
25th-Apr-2008 01:48 pm - Entryyyyyy
I need to get some new icons, I'm bored of these.
Dearest Missus Gwenny Black,

I have in my posetion a version of Regulus, while I know you will not be blackmailed to save him you will be blackmailed by the following threat: I will sick his whiny bitchy ass on you if you don't hurry the fuck up. :) That is all.

Now, anyway, yar. The end of the year is coming up and thus I've stopped wearing shoes. This isn't unusual for me because I loathe shoes. I just do. They aren't comfortable and god-damn-it they aren't nessesary. It's been about a week and everyone has to comment. It always starts with the same sentence "you aren't wearing any shoes." No shit, tehy are my feet, I do know these things. Then people either roll their eyes, look confused, or tell me I'm their hero and have "a lot of respect for me." Ummm... why? All I did was walk out of my room barefoot. Whatever. The only time I wear shoes now is the flip-flops I wear in the shower because they're grotty as all Hell.

Anyway I have to finish my final portfolio for Creative Writing and I totally forgot that I vollunteered to read a piece today. Oooooops! So now I'm scrambling to make all the edits but I keep getting distracted and now I have to pee. :(

Also Rachel, my bff, got to go to COMIC CON NEW YORK!!! She saw Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, and NEIL FUCKING GAIMAN!!! YES MY BEST FRIEND SAW NEIL!!! She filmed it and he read stuff and he read, GET THIS, THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS OF THE GRAVEYARD BOOK!!! Never before read!!! Dude I can't WAIT to see that tape! :p *fan girls*

Hannah C.

PS: How do you write a research paper? :(

PPS: In here (The Center for Achedemic Support) there's a picture of Charles Drake, founder of Landmark. He looks exactly like my now deceased step-grandfather. I wonder if he actually is Peter Terrentelli who lived a DOUBLE LIFE!!!!! That would make him way more interesting. Although he was a cool dude. Nice guy. Anyway. That was dumb. Peace
Things not to do when taking a test on neuro-science and the academic process of teaching: look up and say "I just lost the game." Yes, I did that, just yesterday in fact. Luckily my teacher likes me and I didn't get into that much trouble. But YOU HAVE TO ANNOUNCE IT!!!! Otherwise I would be breaking the rules. Anyway, I just lost the game again, clearly. And there's no one in my room but I said it aloud anyway.

So year one of Landmark is coming swiftly to a close, finals are speeding towards me like a fuckin' train. Am I studying? ...yes. Kinda. Well, I only really have ONE real midterm the other two are a paper and a portfolio of the writing I did this semester. More than once I submitted some of my EPIC FAN FICTION because I had been lazy/busy and didn't do the writing. My teacher hasn't read Harry Potter so it's pretty neat to get her input because she can just comment on it as a story. My closest compadre Rachel told me to get her to read the books and I replied not yet. She assumed it was because I was still bitter about how much seven sucked, but I explained to her that I'm taking advantage of my teacher's ignorance XD.

I can't believe there are no spelling errors on this page. I'm awesome.

*ahem* I finally got a face book. I was FORCED INTO IT. But it exists. I'm going to change my above link so that you can get there. Speaking of...actually there's no connection but a certain Canadian Regulus rapist who SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS isn't doing as she's meant to. We all know that I clearly cannot draw, and she has my first spork at her disposal and yet I see no progress. EXPLAIN YOURSELF MADAM!!!! :P

So, two three two final things. 1) should I update drafts of my fic here before actually finishing it for some early input/beta-ing? Or should I wait until I'm ready to post the sucker everywhere. I'm talking LJ, Deviant Art, Face Book (if that's possible >>), fan fiction dot net, Fiction Alley, the whole 9 yards. I'm so proud of it *huggles Jason* IT SHALL BE A MASTERPIECE!!! 2) I'm starting up a pirate RPG with my friends, it'll be a hybrid of historical and fantasy. We haven't worked out the kinks (or, you know, most of the plot) but if anyone wants in that's be awesome, we could build around characters and stuff I suppose. So this is the form to fill out:

Physical Description:
Place of Birth:
Alliance (Navy (British or Spanish, mostly British at this point), Privateer, Pirate):
Occupation (we've already got the captains (who will be played by we three GMs), a cabin boy on the Albatross (the pirate vessel), the first mate in the royal navy, and the quarter master on the pirate ship. Honestly that's it :3):
Special Skills:
Brief History:

We're in the Carribean (oooh! First misspelling! :P) during the golden age of piracy, TRY TO BE HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND NO MARY SUES!!!! Last time we played this (where we weren't GM-ing) we ended up with Black Sparrow (okay that wasn't his name but that was what he was...) (a freed slave who seemed to be able to do everything, including having what we "lovingly" referred to as the Sue Cannon, it was apparently a gun that he built and only he could use. He practically killed my character and thought that was cool and attempted to single-handedly win a sea battle. Oy, Ming (a cook with third degree burns covering her body who was a, get this, Chinese slave (even though at the time China was decades above Europe and would have NEVER had to sell one of its women) owned by an Irishman, despite the fact that Ireland was one of the poorest countries in Europe if not the whole world at the time and were viewed, by much of Europe, as refuse, and she was only 19 but had already seen the world) enough bashing my high school friends though... I love you Buddy and Vivian! :3

2nd-Apr-2008 03:04 pm - Witty title..
Friday I am doing another professinals tours, in other words teachers/guidence coucnclors/social workers. Wow, I don't know how to spell councilor apparently. Except I could that time... whatever. Anyway, I was e-mailed directly and it wasn't offered to any other student "ambassator." Meaning someone said good things about me. I did wonderfully on that other tour last friday and I didn't realize that I didn't comment on it. :P So I'm not anxious this time. Really. Okay, that's my story.

-The Evil Duck
31st-Mar-2008 07:27 pm - OBJECTION!!!!!
I should never have bought Phoenix Wright, or at least not until the summer. Now I'm hooked and I can't stop playing it. It's totally distracting me from my studies. I took the weekend off in terms of work and am now having a really hard time of getting back into things. I had a great weekend though. I went to the mall with James and Will and got books, my Homestar Runner package came in the mail so now I have a Pistols for Pandas tee and DVDs with their stuff. On Sunday I hung out with Will all day which was so much fun! It was awesome to realize I'm comfortable enough with him that we can literally hang out. Just like be in the same room together doing different things but enjoying each other's company. Will's a great guy. I am also trying to distance myself from Chris for reasons I care not to alaberate on, and so far, so good.

I got to share my story in creative writing (or rather the first chapter of ONE of the stories I'm working on.) Everyone loved it. :3 I'm so proud! I need to sprouce it up a little bit, I feel, but it was really well received. And they want to hear the second chapter. YAY!! When I make it...more to my liking (I have some tense errors because I wrote it originally in present tense but realized I suck at writing and that present tense is really hard :C) I'll put it up. And no one'll read it. LOL.

Anyway, that's my random update, back to work. One mroe thing though, how come almost every story in my creative writing textbook is about people breaking up? Like the last six stories we've had to read are all about depressed people who have relationships fall apart. Aside from that one Flannery O'Connor story. But that's all kinds a different and that was a hand out. I wonder if its my teachers doing or if all the stories in this book are about miserable people.

-The Evil Duck

PS: Microsoft word is not my friend. Damn you Bill Gates *Shakes fist*
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